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Swamp Motel, a groundbreaking immersive entertainment company, has partnered with creative AI company Charisma.ai to create a new location-based immersive experience called SAINT JUDE. This site-specific show blurs the lines between theatre and technology and begins the moment audiences enter a mysterious government building in Westminster.

 SAINT JUDE takes place in an organization with the same name, nestled between The Ministry of Justice and The Department of Health & Social Care. The company's mission is to provide comfort, communication, and conversation to people in lifelong, irreversible comas through innovative software that reads their brain patterns and transforms them into speech in a split second. Now, Saint Jude is looking for willing participants to explore the minds of their sleepers.

Once inside Saint Jude headquarters, audiences interact with innovative AI technology created by Charisma, making for a uniquely individual theatrical experience. They communicate directly with the brainwaves of coma patients to uncover the mystery behind their story and engage with AI-powered characters and live performers. SAINT JUDE promises to be unlike anything audiences have encountered before.

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