Welcome to 2022-23 GRESHAM PROGRAMME

From the sciences to the arts, humanities, business - and more - Gresham College have 120 lectures to indulge your love for learning. 

Learn from five new Gresham Professors including Professor Ronald Hutton, a world-leading expert on paganism who is giving a series of lectures on Finding Britain's Lost Gods; Professor Myles Allen, the Physicist behind Net Zero, whose first year of lectures is Why Net Zero?; Professor Victoria Baines, a cybersecurity expert, with Humanising Cyberspace, Business Professor Raghavendra Rau on The Tech Revolution in Finance, and Professor Robin May, who will be discussing the marvels of microbiology in his series All The World's A Microbe.

There is also one new Visiting Professor, Ian Mudway, who will be giving a series on Environmental Health discussing the way our bodies interact with the environment.

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